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"Quietway" Cycle Route

The feasibility study below proposes a cycle route from Kimmage to Ballsbridge, which would cross the Luas line at the Cowper Road Luas Station. Its main impact on the area covered by the Belgrave Residents Association would be the incorporation of Cowper Road into this cycle route (Page 28). While the report briefly considers a route crossing the Luas at the Beechwood Station and passing along Dunville Avenue/Belgrave Road, it appears to do so only to reject the idea (Page 30). 

One option for Cowper Road that is considered is to remove parking along one side of the road in order to have an off-road cycle lane (Page 29). The report feels that this would mainly impact on commuters using the Luas.

The report also recommends a set of bollards blocking traffic to prevent cars travelling between Cowper Road and Merton Road (Page 28, Fig 3.13), which will require motorists travelling on Merton Road to divert onto Temple Gardens and Temple Villas (Page 31). This sees an increase from the original link of 290m to 550m, an increase of 260m (it would presumably also require another set of traffic lights on Palmerston Road).

Another traffic diversion is proposed on Cowper Road to the west of Palmerston Road (bollards blocking traffic in the section between Palmerston Road and Palmerston Gardens) (page 28, Fig 3.14). This would involve motorists wishing to travel straight through on Cowper Road (to Palmerston Road), a distance of 140m, now being required to travel 1.2km, along Cowper Road, Rathmines Road Upper and onto Palmerston Park and Palmerston Road (Page 31). In addition, the bus route on this road will need to be accommodated elsewhere, or a bus gate provided. An alternative route, of similar length, is via Cambridge Villas and Church Avenue to the north of Cowper Road (Page 32).

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