Rathmines Open Gardens - 2020

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Gallery of children's art on the railings at Church Avenue,

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There is an exhibition of children's art currently hanging from the railings around Holy Trinity Church

It is well worth going to see in person,but  here is the video

SUBSET Community Art Initiative

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The following proposal was recently received. Any responses or comments would be welcome at

Firstly, please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Hannah and I am contacting you from SUBSET, a Dublin based artist collective. I have attached our Art Portfolio and Grey Area Magazine which will provide insight into our activities.

Secondly, please see the attached case studies which chronicle our Herbert Park and Bushy Park projects, both of which were supported by the Dublin City Council. These formed the beginning of our Community Art Initiative, which seeks to improve the visual environment within our congregative spaces.

We are presenting these case studies in the hope that you might consider embarking on a collaboration with us for our Community Art Initiative. We welcome any suggestions of walls or spaces which would be suitable for an art project.

Bloomin' Fair in the Square - Thanks to our sponsors

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Bloomin' Fair in the Square, Sunday 16th June

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In addition to the Fair in the Square (see poster below), to mark Bloom's day, the following scenes from Ulysses will be re-enacted:

BLOOMSDAY 16th June 2019

2.15 p.m. – Rathmines




1.   MIMA (outside) : STEPHEN DEDALUS - Induluctible modality of the visible - Sandymount Strand – Proteus – Episode 3.



2.  MORTON’S (across from) : LEOPOLD BLOOM - Ate with Relish - Calypso - Episode 4.


3.  ROSALIN’S (outside) : MOLLY & LEOPOLD- Bedroom ­@ 7 Eccles Street – Calypso - Episode 4.



4.  HELEN TURKINGTONS (outside)  : LEOPOLD BLOOM @ book stall – Sweets of Sin

 Wandering Rocks - Episode 10.



5.  COLM’S HOUSE (outside) : MRS. BREEN & LEOPOLD BLOOM- Lystrygonians -  Episode 8



6.  BLACK CHURCH (front entrance) : STEPHEN & BLOOM @ the cabman’s shelter (Monto - Nighttown) – Ithaca - Episode 17.



7. James Joyce House : MOLLY BLOOM soliloquy - Penelope (end) Episode 18

Metro update April 2019

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Metrolink have now produced the latest version of their proposals, available at

Public Consultation Document for the Preferred Route

Essentially, they are postponing the conversion of the Green Line Luas to a Metro for up to 20 years by stopping the Southside Metro at Charlemont.

They will continue the tunnel beyond Ranelagh (but before Beechwood), so the same arguments about Dunville Avenue may arise again in the future.

There will be another public consultation in the Hilton Hotel, Charlemont, Monday 8 April 2 pm-8 pm

The key passage of the document on page 26 (out of 74 pages) reads:

We propose an alternative approach that allows the new section of metro line to be built now and the Green Line conversion to occur at an appropriate point in the future.

Under this arrangement, the overall metro system from Swords to Sandyford would be delivered on a phased basis. The first phase - the current phase - would comprise the development of the section from Swords to Charlemont, without connecting to the Green Line. But, crucially, the required tunnel boring works to allow the future connection to the existing Luas line would be completed as part of this phase. While the last station would be Charlemont, the bored tunnel would continue to, and terminate south of Ranelagh, aligned to facilitate a future connection onto the Luas line.

 A separate phase, potentially two decades from now, would see the connection made from the MetroLink tunnel termination point onto the Green Line. Because the tunnel boring works would have been completed as part of the first phase, the tie-in works would all be constructed from the surface and no bored tunnelling work would be required. All of the details regarding that tie-in and conversion of the existing line would be worked out at that future point and do not need to be developed now.  

On page 37 they add:

The TBM [Tunnel Boring Machine] will continue boring for approximately 650 metres past Charlemont and will terminate underground south of the Ranelagh Luas stop. This terminating tunnel section will be used to construct cross-over arrangements so trains can cross lines and turn back in service, in addition to storing some out of service trains for more efficient operations commencement each day. Importantly, this final tunnel section will be aligned to enable its potential connection to the Green Line in the future.

The attached map, from Page 72 of this report, shows that the tunnel would emerge in the future on the Luas stretch between Oakley Road and Lower Beechwood Avenue (approximately half-way along). The present Beechwood Luas station appears to have been drawn on the wrong side of the road.

Fruit Trees in Belgrave Square?

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Colm Walsh, one of our Belgrave Road members, writes:
I am looking for support, and any input into designing a pollinator-friendly area along the eastern wall of the upper section of Belgrave Square. Michael Noonan, [the Senior Executive Parks Superintendent] , is very supportive, he also suggested additional areas, e.g.. along the granite wall where there is a grass strip facing the playground.
I am thinking of involving the schools, and we could build beetle houses, and other small features. Mr Noonan is very much concerned that these areas would be low maintenance, and require little weeding.
If there is anyone who would like to assist doing up some sketches, or plans, that would be most welcome. My next stage it to present these to him, and then see what the Council might supply, we would have to provide much of the labour.
He also referred to Mountpleasant Square, where the school was given the paint by DCC and the parents association treated the wall which has transformed the park.

Here is an example of a similar project I saw in Dundrum

Bring Centre - Christmas Opening Times

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The 2017/2018 Christmas opening times at the Gulistan Bring Centre are as follows:

Gulistan is one of these 'Christmas Tree' centres

Report your litter bin

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Recently, Dublin City Council (DCC) have been attaching QR codes 

like this (see diagram) to all their litter bins.

The purpose of this is to allow people with smartphones to report problems with litter bins, for instance when out for a walk,
To do this, you need a QR code reader app, a number of which can be downloaded for free from Apple's App Store or Android's Google Play.

If you have a smartphone with mobile data, all you have to do is open the app, which behaves like a camera. You point it at the QR code so that it fills the screen, it will quickly recognise the code and give you a link to Dublin City Council's computer. Click on the 'open link' button to automatically tell DCC the identity number of the bin and a small (two button) menu opens

First, you select the problem from a drop down menu
The default option is:
  • 'Full' (so if this is the problem, you can just go on to press the 'Send report' button)

The other options are: 
  • 'Damage' and
  • 'Graffiti'

Then press the 'Send Report' button and the job is done 

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on Tuesday 28th Nov. at

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