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Leaf Collection Programme

posted 23 Oct 2013, 06:31 by Nicholas Simms   [ updated 1 Jun 2014, 11:45 ]
See attached message from Dublin City Council, promoting a leaf collection programme for residents associations and individuals

I had been thinking anyway that we should organise DCC bags and bag pick-up for those of our residents who are public-spirited enough to clear leaves off the pavement in front of their houses.

Some people feel like doing this, but are inhibited by what to do with the sheer volume of the leaves and/or the fact that you are charged by weight for leaves (often wet) put in the brown bin.

It would be good to do this before the leaves get turned into mud.

The poster is offering:
bags, gloves, brushes, shovels and PPE (PPE is personal protection equipment, which last time meant hi-vis vests)

When the association has received the bags etc. we will be circulating details by email about the distribution and pick-up of bags.
Nicholas Simms,
23 Oct 2013, 06:31