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Autumn Leaves 1

posted 9 Oct 2011, 10:05 by Nicholas Simms   [ updated 9 Oct 2011, 10:05 ]
15 September 2011

Dear Resident

The recent  heavy wind has left gardens and footpaths littered with leaves  and having just spent a half hour sweeping up leaves from the front of my home, I know this problem is replicated all over Dublin 4 and 6.

The Cleansing Dept. are doing their best to try and clean up but with considerably depleted staff I know their task is difficult.   It is essential that the leaves are swept up as quickly as possible to avoid blocking of gullies.   All residents are responsible for their own footpaths outside their houses.  I have made contact with Cleansing and The Council is more than willing to co-operate with any  helpthey can get.   Plastic bags can be acquired free of charge from the Cleansing Depot in Rathmines and these bags will be picked up also free of charge by the Council, provided of course that the bags only contain leaves.   On footpaths where there is a very heavy volume of leaves, bags are of very little use but if residents sweep them into large piles the Council will remove them swiftly by using their grab on Rapid response Vehicles.  This would greatly help Waste Management right now and prevent flooding in future months and especially in areas that have been proned to flooding in the past. 

If  neighbours manage to sweep up leaves you can contact waste management to collect piles of swept up leaves  by emailing or 012224240.  You can of course contact me I will follow up your request.



Mary Freehill

Labour Dublin City Councillor