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Metro update April 2019

posted 20 May 2019, 08:09 by Nicholas Simms   [ updated 15 Jun 2019, 13:30 ]
Metrolink have now produced the latest version of their proposals, available at

Public Consultation Document for the Preferred Route

Essentially, they are postponing the conversion of the Green Line Luas to a Metro for up to 20 years by stopping the Southside Metro at Charlemont.

They will continue the tunnel beyond Ranelagh (but before Beechwood), so the same arguments about Dunville Avenue may arise again in the future.

There will be another public consultation in the Hilton Hotel, Charlemont, Monday 8 April 2 pm-8 pm

The key passage of the document on page 26 (out of 74 pages) reads:

We propose an alternative approach that allows the new section of metro line to be built now and the Green Line conversion to occur at an appropriate point in the future.

Under this arrangement, the overall metro system from Swords to Sandyford would be delivered on a phased basis. The first phase - the current phase - would comprise the development of the section from Swords to Charlemont, without connecting to the Green Line. But, crucially, the required tunnel boring works to allow the future connection to the existing Luas line would be completed as part of this phase. While the last station would be Charlemont, the bored tunnel would continue to, and terminate south of Ranelagh, aligned to facilitate a future connection onto the Luas line.

 A separate phase, potentially two decades from now, would see the connection made from the MetroLink tunnel termination point onto the Green Line. Because the tunnel boring works would have been completed as part of the first phase, the tie-in works would all be constructed from the surface and no bored tunnelling work would be required. All of the details regarding that tie-in and conversion of the existing line would be worked out at that future point and do not need to be developed now.  

On page 37 they add:

The TBM [Tunnel Boring Machine] will continue boring for approximately 650 metres past Charlemont and will terminate underground south of the Ranelagh Luas stop. This terminating tunnel section will be used to construct cross-over arrangements so trains can cross lines and turn back in service, in addition to storing some out of service trains for more efficient operations commencement each day. Importantly, this final tunnel section will be aligned to enable its potential connection to the Green Line in the future.

The attached map, from Page 72 of this report, shows that the tunnel would emerge in the future on the Luas stretch between Oakley Road and Lower Beechwood Avenue (approximately half-way along). The present Beechwood Luas station appears to have been drawn on the wrong side of the road.

Nicholas Simms,
20 May 2019, 08:09
Nicholas Simms,
20 May 2019, 08:09