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St Louis High School

In November 2010, Dublin City Council gave permission for the redevelopment of the grounds of St Louis High School including the construction of 86 residential units in buildings of 4 storeys and 5 storeys.

The association's position on this planning decision was set out in the following letters written to 
An Bord Pleanála on 
26 November 2010 and in further letters of response on 20 February 2011 
and 26 March 2011.
The Association’s position can be summed up by this extract from our appeal letter

to ABP on 26 November 2010.

We therefore most strongly feel that this proposed development is not consistent

with the sustainable development of the area and that the reduction of the

already confined school site to provide for a five-storey residential
development with associated parking is not appropriate and should be turned down.
Nicholas Simms,
7 May 2011, 09:44
Nicholas Simms,
7 May 2011, 09:16