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Primary Sources

Dublin City Archives, Pearse Street, Dublin

Records of Rathmines and Rathgar Township Commissioners:  Volumes 1 & 2

Erasmus Smith Schools’ Archive Rathgar Dublin 6

Archives of High School

Belgrave Square Residents’ Association

Minutes of meetings October 1973 – march 1977

Deeds of nos 28, 30, 31, 42, 44, 45 and 57 Belgrave Square Rathmines Dublin 6

Griffith’s Valuation  

records relating to Rathmines east in the Parish of  St Peter’s in the Barony of Uppercross

Registry of Deeds  

various deeds relating to the Belgrave Square area 1830 – 1870

Erasmus Smith Schools Archive    

Correspondence and deeds relating to the purchase of Belgrave Square

Other Printed Works 

Thom’s directory (Dublin 1840 – 1930)

Pettigrew and Oulton, Almanack Registry and Directory (Dublin, 1846)

Ordnance suvey maps  1837, 1866 and 1911     Map library Trinity College Dublin

John Taylor’s map of the environs of the city of Dublin 1816  Map library Trinity College Dublin

William Ferguson’s Survey of part of the estate of the Earl of Meath in the south suburbs of the city of Dublin 1836   Rates Department Dublin City Council

Rates Map c.1938  Rates Department Dublin City Council

Drawing by J.Holmes Architect  - Belgrave Square also ground to be let in the neighbourhood in the Erasmus Smith Archive, Rathgar. 

 Contemporary Periodicals and newspapers 

Freeman’s Journal 1847-1921

Irish Times 1847-1980

Rathmines news and Dublin Lantern 1895-1907

Rathmines reporter  vols 1 & 2 1975 & 1976 published by the Students of Journalism at the College of Commerce, Rathmines

Rathmines news and Dublin City lantern 1896

Newsletter of Belgrave Residents’ Association various dates

Secondary sources

Craig, Maurice  Dublin 1660 – 1860 the Shaping of a City   (Dublin 1952 reprinted 2006)

Daly, Mary E., Mona Hearn & Peter Pearson, Dublin’s Victorian Houses (Dublin, 1998)

Kelly, Deirdre  Four Roads to Dublin (Dublin, 1995)

Lewis, Samuel A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (London 1837)

O Brolchain, Heather  All in the Blood - a memoir of the Plunkett family (Dublin 2006)

O Maitiu, Seamus  Dublin’s Suburban Towns 1834 – 1930 (Dublin 2003)

Pettigrew & Oulton Almanack  (London 1842)   

Sweeney, Clair L.  The Rivers of Dublin  (Dublin 1991)

Thom’s Directory (Dublin 1847 – 1880)

Oral sources

Eibhlin Glenn and Enna Lane, residents of Belgrave Square, various dates Feb and March 2008

Dr Roy Johnston, founder of Belgrave Square Residents’ Association, Jan 16th 2009

Mr Kenneth Ferguson  57, Belgrave Square  April 3rd 2009

Appendix - Maps & Photos